vaporizer bong

Vaporizer Bong

With recent results to tests on the effects to marijuana smoke showing the same health risks as cigarettes, more vaporizers have been released in all shapes and forms, from small hand held pipes, to large digital models meant to work hand free. But something that has been tried without much success is a vaporizer bong.

I have found very few of these during my time searching on the net, and it isn’t hard to figure out why. While technically possible, the problem with a vaporizer bong is the water. The way a vaporizer works is by heating the herb up to boiling point in order to create vapors without burning it, therefore removing the risks of smoke. While a vaporizer bong would do this as well, there is one main problem: the water.

Water methods of smoking cause health risks whether you were to implement a filter and heating system rather then a burning, due to the high levels of tar that are released into the water itself. As the bong heats, the vapors would begin to form, and while there would be no smoke, the tars and chemicals would likely be released into the vapors as well, causing the same problems as if you were taking a giant drag off of a pipe.

While it is possible to buy one through a company like Head Nature (who offers a Vaporstar model that can be bought in parts), or you can check out Herborizer’s untested units, there would be little point, and if having a bong is important enough to ignore the usual pot head’s health problems like chronic bronchitis and asthma, then there is no point in wasting the money to get a vaporizer in the first place.

But if you are still interested in turning in the old bong for the modern toker’s friend, then I would suggest going with something that has the same feel, even if it isn’t the same thing. Go with something along the lines of the light bulb homemade method. This allows you to create a bong like apparatus without the water, that has the same bulbed end, with a long end you put your mouth over. I know if isn’t perfect, but it’s closer then the tubed vaporizers you will most commonly find being sold on-line.

Now, if you are still dead set on the vaporizer bong idea, then I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to tinker around a bit trying to make one, and if you can find a way to do it without the tar and chemical issue being a factor, I am sure you will make a lot of people very happy. Just remember that you will be to keep the water out, and find a way to filter it more effectively then the open design of most bongs. You will also want to find a way to utilize the use of a hose instead of putting your mouth over the opening, as there will have to be some kind of screen in place.

So, if you do decide to set out to find that elusive vaporizer bong, or to create one yourself, good luck! You will need it.

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