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Vapor Vaporizer

Medical marijuana vaporizer, as well as the inhalation of various other herbs vaporize, is becoming a much more frequently used treatment for a number of diseases. But while it can be used to a effective, natural alternative to pain medication, it still holds it’s risk. Namely, these risks have to do with the smoke, which can contain many dangerous chemicals, including different tars that are no better then those found in cigarette smoke.

That’s why a new way has been devised to inhale what you need, without dealing with the smoke. These devices are known as vapor vaporizers, filtered versions of the usual pipe or bong that eliminate smoke and instead release the safe properties of marijuana without the other horrible hidden chemicals and pollutants that can cause more harm then good to your already delicate body.

There are several different types of vapor vaporizers that you can purchase on-line, both in their current state, or else customized to create the perfect model for you. Some of the main vaporizer types are:

* Regular
* Hands-Free
* Volcano, and
* Digital

Each one of these works in relatively the same way, filtering smoke away from the fumes themselves, and allowing a clear vapor to be released in it’s place. They are designed to be easy to use, easy to clean, and cost between $100 – $300 a piece. It may seem like a lot of spend, but as a measure to protect your lungs, and to eliminate the risk of various cancers, it’s worth the price.

There are also various accessories that are available to customize your experience, and make it easier to bring your vaporizer along to use outside of your home, as you are sure to need to go out from time to time, and pain management is especially important during these times. Items like car adapters and storage boxes are fantastic for this purpose, and are usually sold from the same stores that offer the vaporizers themselves. Some even give discounts, or else offer these accessories for free with the purchase of a new unit.

These vaporizers can also be used for more then marijuana, and there are several options for aromatherapy and herbal blends to be used in it’s place. An organic blend of smoking herbs usually costs around $20 – $30 per ΒΌ lb., and contain popular herbs like lavender, spearmint, peppermint, and chamomile.

As for essential oils, most are safe for airborne use, but you should still be careful to only purchase those being sold for that purpose, and only organic, pure oils, rather then the 80% grade often found issues in health stores. While most impure blends will not contain anything harmful, you never know what chemical enhancements have been added to preserve the oil itself.

If you smoke herbs, use medical marijuana, or just want a good diffuser for your aromatherapy needs, then you will love vapor vaporizers. They are a little pricey, but with high quality products that will improve your health, and eliminate the risks of smoke, it’s worth the cost.

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